Mark Goodacre continued his insightful new NT Pod series today by posting a new podcast focusing on how Paul would have written letters.  This is a topic that I am especially interested in (I taught a class this year called Paul, the New Testament, and Ancient Letter Writing at UCLA) so not surprisingly I am excited to see that Goodacre has decided to enlighten a broad audience concerning this topic. 

In six minutes Goodacre is not able to address all of the relevant material for this rich topic but he does highlight Paul’s use of a secretary, which is rather important.  I would have liked to hear him address some of the further ramifications of employing a secretary such as the distinct possibility that Paul’s letters would have been composed using multiple drafts over many days.  Perhaps he will revisit this topic in the future but I appreciate the illumination he has brought to the topic this time around.

For those seeking more information and sources concerning this topic feel free to consult my UCLA course syllabus and/or the following books:

E. Randolph Richards, Paul and First-Century Letter Writing.

Jerome Murphy-O’Conner, Paul the Letter Writer.

Hans-Josef Klauck, Ancient Letters and the New Testament.

I have also posted two parts of an ongoing series concerning Paul’s envoys/letter carriers.  Part 1Part 2.