I finished my PhD at UCLA under Dr. S. Scott Bartchy in 2012.  I completed my dissertation entitled, Authority and Persuasion: Self-Presentation in Paul’s Letters, which focuses on Paul’s use of self-presentation as a persuasive device.  I am currently teaching as an adjunct faculty at UCLA.  My primary interests are Paul, ancient letter writing, rhetoric, papyrology, the apostolic fathers, and Jesus.  The primary focus of my work consists of attempting to place Paul in his historical context.  Thus, my analysis of Paul’s writings often focuses on situational circumstances.


2 Responses to “Kevin Scull”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    What book did you use for your “French for Reading Knowledge” class? I am using Sandberg’s text, but I don’t know if it is the best. Thanks bro!

  2. […] – Things I Wish I Knew about Doing a Ph.D. [Hosted by the SBL Student Advisory Group] – Kevin Scull [Department of History], panel discussion member – 4th of 4 panel […]

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