Well I’m freshly back from the most intense, and enjoyable, academic experience I’ve had since my exams, the Enoch Graduate Seminar.  It is a 4 day seminar with papers from morning until 7:00 PM.  It is expected that you attend and are prepared to provide extensive feedback on every paper, and with very few exceptions this is precisely what occurred.  Thus, it is both a grueling and rewarding experience.  While the Enoch Graduate Seminar technically covers second temple Judaism up through early Christianity, the focus of the meeting is second temple Judaism with a few papers covering its influence on early Christian texts.  Thus, my paper “Paul, Self-Presentation and the Philippians’ Gift,” while well received, did not fit into the overall theme of the conference.  In fact, there were only 2 papers which interacted with Paul of Tarsus, my own and that of fellow blogger Pat McCullough.  However, despite the lack of papers on Paul I found the conference to be a rewarding experience and recommend it to anyone focusing on second temple Judaism.  As claimed, it truly is an international experience with participants from all over the western world.  Even as an outsider, to some degree, I made many contacts/friends, learned a great deal about second temple Judaism, and received valuable feedback on my work.  All told I highly recommend this conference for anyone willing to put in the work!