There are a number of blogs with comprehensive online audio/video resources.  However, that is not my goal.  Rather I will provide commentary on high quality, academic, audio/video resources.

Paul of Tarsus

Bruce Winter, Paul and Rhetoric, 48 minutes, stand alone lecture.

Bruce Winter’s lecture in the Baylor Truett Seminary series is an excellent academic resource for examining Paul’s relationship to Greco-Roman rhetoric.  Specifically, Winter examines the entrance of a rhetor into a community and the self-presentation and training of rhetors.  Next, Winter compares Paul’s own self-description in 1 Corthians as one whose speech is weak to that of the rhetors of his day.  Winter concludes that Paul’s own self-description is counter cultural to first century expectations.  I highly recommend this lecture to anyone interested in the relationship between Paul and Greco-Roman rhetoric.  Additionally, although Winter seems to have a cold the quality of the presentation is top notch.  However, due to the length of the lecture you may want to skip the first five minutes in which Winter introduces himself and the topic.

Dale Martin, Paul as Missionary (1 Thessalonians), Yale Undergraduate course,  50:14