Yesterday I posted my schedule for Tuesday morning at SBL.  Rather than post all of the interesting Monday sessions in one massive post, I’ve decided to break up the posts by session.  There are a number of interesting Monday morning sessions and individual papers which I will list below.  However, I will not be able to attend any of these sessions as I will be on a panel of graduate students discussing important elements of being a PhD student.  If you are a new PhD student, are interesting in becoming a PhD student, or simply want to see me in action you should consider attending this panel.

Things I Wish I Knew about a Ph.D.
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Room: Bayside A – SH

Ryan Carhart, Claremont Graduate University, Presiding
Alicia Myers, Baylor University, Panelist
Ingrid Lilly, Western Kentucky University, Panelist
Kevin Scull, University of California-Los Angeles, Panelist

For anyone interested in Pauline studies Monday morning will be difficult.  The Pauline Epistles group is practically required for all Pauline scholars and A. Andrew Das always does excellent work.  However, the Paul and Scripture group has two top tier scholars, Sumney and Fee, presenting on Colossians and 2 Timothy.  Finally, as one highly interested in papyrology, and especially P46, I recommend the Papyrology and Early Christian Background group.  The final paper, P46 and Its Numerals, sounds intriguing.  My panel ends at 10:30 which may provide me the chance to catch the last paper of a session.  I’m not sure which I will choose yet; but I am leaning towards the P46 paper.

Pauline Epistles

9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Rhythms Ballroom 1 – SH

Mark Reasoner, Bethel University, Presiding
Jason A. Staples, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Gentiles Who Keep the Law: Paul’s Law-Keeping Gospel (25 min)
Christopher R. Bruno, Wheaton College
“God Is One” and the Inclusion of the Gentiles in Romans 3:30 (25 min)
Akio Ito, Tokyo Christian University
‘The Spirit is Life’ or ‘the Spirit is Alive’? (25 min)
Ian W. Scott, Tyndale Seminary (Canada)
‘This is Your Intellectual Worship’: Logikos in Romans 12:1 and Paul’s Deliberative Ethics (25 min)
A. Andrew Das, Elmhurst College
“Praise the Lord, All You Gentiles”: The Encoded Audience of Romans 15:7-13 (25 min)


Paul and Scripture
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: Oak Alley – SH

Theme: The Disputed Paulines

Christopher D. Stanley, St. Bonaventure University, Presiding
Jerry L. Sumney, Lexington Theological Seminary
Writing “In the Image” of Scripture: The Form and Function of Allusions to Scripture in Colossians (10 min)
Discussion (60 min)
Break (10 min)
Gordon D. Fee, Regent College
God`s Sure Foundation: “Paul`s” Use of Scripture in 2 Timothy (10 min)
Discussion (60 min)

Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Studio 9 – MR

Peter Arzt-Grabner, Universitat Salzburg, Presiding
Michael Theophilos, University of Oxford
A New Fragment from Oxyrhynchus: A Christian Letter of Introduction and the Abuse of Hospitality (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Lincoln Blumell, Tulane University
Counting Christians: Onomastic Considerations and the Christianization of Fourth-Century Egypt (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Robert A. Kugler, Lewis and Clark College
Peton, a Judean of the Herakleopolite Nome, Contests Paying Double Rent on Farmland (P.Heid.Inv. G 5100) (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
David M. Moffitt, Duke University
New Papyrological Evidence Regarding the Meaning of the Term Proselyte (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)
Don Barker, Macquarie University-Sydney
P. Beatty 2 (P46) and its Numerals (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)