I realize everyone already posted about this months ago, but I’ve decided to post my tentative SBL schedule.  This year I’ve made a promise to myself to not make the same mistake I make every year.  Normally I am torn between attending a session with many big name scholars discussing a new influential work and a session of unknown scholars presenting papers that look “interesting.”  The interesting papers are usually not so interesting and Brandon Wason normally boasts of the greatness of the section I skipped.  I still rue my decision to skip a great section for a paper in which a “scholar” was supposedly challenging Paul’s authorship of Galatians only to find out that it was a bait and switch.  Instead the “scholar” was proposing that Ephesians was written by Paul.  I have vowed things will be different this year!  I will examine each day in a separate post.  So starting at the end here’s where you may be able to find me this year at SBL.

Tuesday 11-24

9-11:30  SBL Corpus Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti Section

Hans Dieter Betz’s Commentary on Galatians, Thirty Years

The scholars amassed for the section are a who’s who of Pauline scholars including: Udo Schnelle, Helmust Koester, Richard Longenecker, Margaret Mitchell, and Hans Dieter Betz.  I am actually staying until Tuesday for the first time just to attend this section.

I will also try to attend Pat McCullough’s paper, The AGents of Jesus Meet “All the Nations”: Adapting Jesus’ Cultic Reform for the Eschaton.

Also, Nijay Gupta’s paper A methodological Reconsideration of Paul’s Use of Scripture in Philippans looks excellent.

My current plan is to attend the Betz section, request a copy of Nijay’s paper, and tell my friend Pat his paper was great.