Galatians: Annotated Ranking of Academic Commentaries

The lack of high quality Galatians commentaries is quite surprising.  While there are many useful commentaries from the 1990’s, Galatians lacks a definitive, recent (up to date bibliography), commentary.  Additionally, many entries from the top tier series such as NIGTC (1982), Hermenia (1979), and ICC (1920!) are in need of an update.  However, the entries from Longenecker, Martyn, Betz, Dunn, and Witherington are all worth consulting.

Martyn_Galatians1. J. Louis Martyn, Anchor Bible, 1997, 614.

2. Hans Dieter Betz, Hermenia, 1979, 352.

Betz’s commentary is a groundbreaking work.  Betz was the first to assemble a commentary with a focus on rhetorical criticism.  In the 30 years that have passed since its introduction many have questioned Betz’s conclusion that Paul’s letter is an example of apologetic rhetoric.  However, even if one does not agree with Betz’s overall conclusion, his commentary still provides endless useful information concerning Paul’s use of rhetoric and Greco-Roman parallels.

galatians3. Richard Longenecker, WBC, 1990, 323.

4. Ben Witherington, 1998, 477.

5. James D. G. Dunn, Black’s, 1993, 359.