Dictionary_PaulThe Dictionary of Paul and His Letters is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Paul of Tarsus.  I instruct my students to consult the Anchor Bible Dictionary and this work when working on their research papers.   This volume contains a myriad of articles covering every important topic.  Additionally, the articles are fairly meaty and written by well known scholars, each containing the relevant scholarly debates for each issue and closing with an extensive bibliography.  At over 1000 pages the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters should be on the shelves of every Pauline scholar.

Oh and if you have come here looking for the Biblical Studies Carnival it is on its way.  However, as I was coming down the dreaded 405 today I noticed there was a massive collision involving elephants, clowns, etc.  Thus, with all the cleanup necessary I imagine the carnival will not arrive until Monday night/ Tuesday morning.  On behalf of the proprietors I apologize for its delay.