This is the first time in my five trips to SBL  that I will be staying until Tuesday.  A number of factors have caused me to leave early including teaching obligations, family, and hotel cost.  However, this year I’m splitting a room with what seems like about thirty people which should cut down on costs (and amount of time spent in the shower). 

I’m always excited about Tuesday morning papers and for the first time I will be able to attend some.  However, this year is going to be tough.  My colleague and good friend Pat McCullough is presenting a paper, but he is going up against the most interesting panel of the entire conference, the 30 year anniversary look at Betz’s revolutionary Galatians commentary.  All I can say is sorry Pat you must not have seen me, I was hunched down in the back, but you did a great job!

Also, I’m looking forward to the book bargains.  Brandon Wason normally stays until Tuesday and then calls to brag about all the books he did not buy me but bought himself, normally at some outrageous price.  It will be nice to go hunting together this year.

So does anyone else stay until Tuesday for that one last session or do most people head out Monday night?