I’ll be teaching a course this winter focusing on the various themes in 1 Corinthians. In the process the students will read all of Paul’s letters. I will be assigning a few commentaries on 1 Corinthians which they can choose from. At the moment I am considering Thiselton, Fitzmyer, Garland, and Collins. Fee’s NIV commentary does not make the cut due to its miniscule introduction. Additionally, I will assign the students some variant of the NRSV.

This is where I could use some advice. I am currently considering having the students read the entries on each of Paul’s letters from the Anchor Bible Dictionary. These entries provide the students with the type of information I want them to have. However, I would prefer either assigning a study bible which contains detailed introductions or a textbook which focuses on issues such as the purpose and historical background of each of the letters. I have looked at the Harper Collins Study Bible and the Oxford annotated Bible and both have too short of an introduction.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?