galatians_debateThe last book I recommended was the Romans Debate.  Thus, I figured I should recommend the Galatians Debate this time around.  Like the Romans Debate, this work is loaded with articles by top notch Galatians scholars such as: Dunn, Jewett, Martyn, Barclay, Fredriksen, and Walter.  The Galatians Debate is divided into three sections: genre (rhetoric or epistle), autobiography, and the situation (and opponents) in Galatia.  For anyone interested in rhetorical approaches to Galatians and the debate concerning the value of applying rhetoric to Paul’s letters, this work is invaluable.  Additionally, the many articles concering the oppenents of Paul are excellent.  This is certainly a work that should be consulted for any research project focusing on Paul’s letter to the Galatians.