The last few weeks have been interesting in the Biblical blogosphere.  What began as a question posed by April DeConick quickly became a heated debate with hurt feelings on both sides of the issue.  As a blog focusing on Paul, I have stayed out of the fray up to this point but thought I would provide my thoughts on the matter.

Put simply, I have never thought about the gender of the writers of the blogs I read.  In fact, for some of the blogs where the author’s name isn’t obvious I don’t know the gender of the author.  Thus, I never noticed the dearth of female bloggers in the blogosphere until this debate began.  With an infant and a dissertation, I don’t read many blogs regularly, but I do check out Mark Goodacre’s blog roll at least once a day. 

For me the outcome of the gender debate of 2009 has been positive.  I have been introduced to a few new blogs I had not read before.  I’m sure there are many other blogs written by both men and women that I have missed but I am grateful that this debate has introduced me to some new ones.  Additionally, April DeConick now includes a helpful new resource: a “Women and Religion Blogroll.”  Thus, I appreciate the questions and debate despite the hurt feelings.  If anyone is aware of any other academic blogs focusing on the New Testament please let me know so I can include them in my blogroll.  I will be adding some more this week from the recent debate.