RomansDebateThis week I am recommending The Romans Debate, a collection of articles edited by Karl P. Donfried.  This volume is essential reading for anyone interested in Romans.  The primary agenda of the work is a discussion of the various proposals of the purpose for Paul’s letter to the Romans.  This topic contains articles by a myriad of important scholars such as Manson, Bornkamm, Donfried, Wiefel, Wuellner, Bruce, Wedderburn, Watson, Lampe, and Stuhlmacher.  Additionally, this work contains smaller sections on rhetoric and theology with entries from Dunn, Campbell, Jewett, Aune, and Stuhlmacher.  If nothing else The Romans Debate is a collection of essays from the elite scholars in the field.  I recommend this work to anyone starting a study on Romans, since determining the purpose of the letter should be the cornerstone of any study as it impacts all other issues.  Moreover, this volume is an excellent resource for undergraduate students who are unaware of the important scholars in the field.  As I tell my students, you can’t go wrong with any of the entries in The Romans Debate!