This week’s Paul Post of the Week is actually the beginning of a series of posts and one of the most interesting blogging ideas I have seen.  W. Travis McMaken at Der Evangelische Theologe is hosting the 3rd annual Karl Barth Blog Conference.   The focus of the conference will be “Karl Barth, Romans 1, and the Possibility of Natural Knowledge of God.”  The first post in this series contains a list of the participants and briefly explains what the conference will cover.  I suggest that anyone interested in this topic keep a close watch on this blog as this looks to be a promising series of posts.  I find the idea so intriguing, that I am having some thoughts of my own concerning a few promising ideas for a blog conference. 

Any post that has won this award should feel free to proudly display one of the banners generously donated by Brandon Wason.  As always if I missed a post you think should have been chosen or would like to highlight please respond in the comments section below.