There is a new feature here at Paul of Tarsus: the Academic Posts blogroll.  Until now, I have manually shared posts from around the blogosphere concerning Paul of Tarsus.  This process has become rather time consuming and I was never thorough enough.  Thus, I have decided to change the focus of the posts I share.  Borrowing a page from blogger extraordinaire Mark Goodacre, I have decided to automatically share all the posts from a number of academic blogs.  The blogs selected are ones that generally post about NT related matters and whose posts are generally of an academic nature. 

Of course these criteria leave out many fine blogs that I read regularly which mix entertainment and academics.  To these writers I say keep up the good work and don’t worry Goodacre’s exhaustive blogroll has you covered!  My blogroll is purposely designed to be a more selective alternative to Goodacre’s (which I check manytimes a day).  So if you are wondering what the newest academic posts, are feel free to come by and check out my blogroll. 

If you would like your blog added to the roll please let me know.  I’m sure I am currently missing many fine academic blogs.