If anyone has ever wanted to ask me questions concerning the “Things I Wish I Knew about Doing a Ph.D.” now is your chance.  I will be on a four person panel at SBL this year fielding questions.  I am not entirely sure what to expect but it should be informative.  I hope to bring a somewhat unique perspective as one who is in a history department without a package. 

One topic I will certainly discuss, given the opportunity, is being fully aware of one’s funding opportunities.  I was told not to expect any funding at UCLA and was offered 8,000 per year by another university.  8,000 vs. 0 is a big difference!  What I did not realize is that while UCLA was not able to promise me a package, most Ph.D. students at UCLA receive TAships during their second year which pay about 15,000.  Additionally, in one’s fourth and fifth years many students are given the opportunity to design and teach their own course.  Thus, in the end it was not 8,000 vs. 0 but closer to 8,000 vs. 18,000.  My advice: make sure you thoroughly investigate funding options before making any decisions. 

Things I Wish I Knew about Doing a Ph.D.
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Room:Room TBD – Hotel TBD

Theme: Hosted by the SBL Student Advisory Group

Ryan Carhart, Claremont Graduate University, Presiding
Alicia Myers, Baylor University, Panelist
Ingrid Lilly, Emory University, Panelist
Kevin Scull, University of California-Los Angeles, Panelist