If you have been following my blog recently you surely have noticed that I have posted a lot of information concerning commentaries.  This is one of the two sections of this blog I hope to expand into a useful resource for Paul students and/or experts (the other being book reviews).  Recently I have posted my annotated ranking of Philippians commentaries, a commentaries page which lists the thoughts of myself and others, and my brief list of the top commentaries for each of Paul’s undisputed letters. 

My newest commentary feature is the advice of other knowledgeable scholars concerning the top academic commentaries.  A few days ago Craig Blomberg provided Jim West a list of his top academic commentaries for each book of the NT.  This caused me to ask, “I wonder what so and so would say are the best commentaries for each book.”  Thus, every week or so I will ask one individual, either professor or Ph.D. student, to provide an annotated list of the top 3-5 commentaries for one of Paul’s letters.  For the ribbon cutting ceremony I have selected Emory Ph.D. student Brandon Wason.  He has graciously offered to provide an annotated list for 1 Corinthians, since he has recently completed a massive project on the subject.  Stay tuned for Brandon’s list and other future lists.  Hopefully they will prove useful for those trying to determine which commentaries to purchase or use for a particular project.