As you can see there is a new banner associated with the Paul Post of the Week.  Brandon Wason has generously created this banner and I encourage anyone who has been chosen as a Paul Post of the Week to proudly display the banner (big or small) on the post chosen or somewhere else on your blog.  Brandon claims the banner is a picture of Paul but I believe it may be an artist’s rendition of what  Brandon will look like in his 50’s.  For Bradon’s sake I truly hope this is a picture of Paul!

This week I have chosen Mike Whitenton’s work on Paul, monotheism, and Christ’s relationship to God.  His work on Ecce Homo has spanned two posts. In the first he examines 1 Cor 3.21-23 and 8:6 with an eye towards Paul’s view of monotheism and thus Jesus’ relationship to God.  His conclusion is that Paul seems “… to be exhibiting a fully monotheistic Judaism that embracing Jesus as the “second power” from God Most High.”  Whitenton’s second post on the subject is a more detailed analysis of the genitives found in 1 C 3:21-23.  Both posts are informative and interesting.

  However, what is most impressive about these posts is the amount of civil discussion that has followed.  Between the two posts there are currently 85 comments.  Nice work Mike.

As always if I missed a post you think should have been chosen or would like to highlight please respond in the coments section below.