Over at Jim West’s blog he has been posting conversations between he and Craig Blomberg concerning commentaries.  Today Jim posted Blomberg’s list of the top commentaries for the New Testament, which he states was composed “with nothing in front of me.”  It is certainly an excellent list, so since I have been posting about Pauline commentaries of late I thought I would list Blomberg’s choices for Paul’s letters.

I must say it’s quite a good list especially for an off the top of my head type of list.  While I disagree with most of his top choices, almost all of his choices would make my top 5 for each book.  Hopefully, more scholars will provide lists such as this.  I would appreciate hearing what commentaries other top scholars are using.

Romans: Kasemann, Fitzmyer, and Wilckens

1 Corinthians: Fitzmyer, Barrett, and Schrage

2 Corinthians: Thrall and Furnish

Galatians: Betz and Matera 

Ephesians: Lincoln, Mitton, and J. Armitage Robinson.

Philippians: Reumann, “Beare had a useful older volume as did a French scholar (was it Collange?).”

Colossians and Philemon: Sumney and Lohse

1 and 2 Thessalonians: Ernest Best and Menken

Pastorals: “Spicq’s massive French volume, A.T. Hanson’s nice little NCB work, J.N.D. Kelly and Conzelmann.”