This is the third post in my continuing series on BibleWorks 8 and its impact on my dissertation work.  This week I am focusing on the feature I have used most thus far, parallel versions. This option opens up a new window which allows multiple versions to be presented side by side.  



I normally opt for two versions, the Greek New Testament ( BNT or BGT if consulting the LXX) on the left side and the NRSV on the right side.  Aside from the great features embedded within this option, the parallel versions window makes it easier to interact with the Greek text.  It works great as a searchable Greek-English New Testament complete with Greek vocabulary help available by mousing over any word that you may have be having trouble with. 

One of the great aspects of BibleWorks is the ability to save most of your most frequent activities and the parallel versions option is no exception.  The option to choose individual texts each time one opens this feature certainly does exist, but it is far more convenient to set up a few favorites.  Set up your favorite layout and your texts will be available with a click of the mouse button.  In addition to the basic use of parallel versions I have already described, there are many useful features embedded within the parallel versions feature. 

•  The synchronize button allows for synchrnozied scrolling between the windows which is quite convenient.  Also, if your windows become disjointed click the button and the two versions immediately sync back up.

•  Browse mode provides the functionality to toggle between browsing through the text and perusing all the translations of the current passage.

•  A smaller analysis mode window can be activated within the parallel versions window which contains the lexicon entries for the word selected.

•  All of the standard right click options are available within parallel versions as well,  including searching, diagramming, and highlighting.


That sums up my current favorite feature of BibleWorks 8, parallel versions.  I have it open whenever I am reading the NT or working on any project.  It has been a tremendous tool thus far in my dissertation work.