Today I am continuing my series on BibleWorks.  One of the more interesting features is ERMIE which is similar to the favorites feature of a web browser.  This feature allows BW to be linked to any on-line source.  More importantly BW has already linked a lot of excellent resources including commentaries, journals, blogs and much more.  For instance, there are already ten links for Philippian commentaries.

What is really interesting about the preloaded links is the small amount of blogs chosen.  Only seven blogs are included, bear in mind this is out of a reported 300 blogs.  The blogs they have chosen seem a bit random.  BW has the NT Gateway blog which is great and Evangelical Textual Critics, which I like very much but seems like a somewhat random choice.  Additionally, BW has a Roman coins blog, Biblical studies and technological tools, and three others I am unfamiliar with.  It will be interesting to see which direction they go with the embedded blogs.  I am hoping they do not embed all 300 into ERMIE as it will be time consuming to delete them all.  However, it would be useful to have the academic blogs broken down by subject included.