For those of you who read my blog regularly you will recall my recent post concerning Bible software.  Thank you to all who responded and provided me with useful advice.  Special thanks goes out to Bible Works which has provided me with a review copy of BW 8.  Over the next few months I will be working with it closely as I continue to work on my dissertation.  I will provide occasional posts on how BW is impacting my research before I post my final review of the product in about a month. 

Here are some initial thoughts after using BW for a week.

First, wow I cannot believe I waited so long to use bible software.  BW has already saved me oodles of time that I would have spent combing through my concordances attempting to find parallel material. 

Second, BW is lightning fast.  The searches are practically instantaneous, at least the searches I have used. 

Third, I really like the parallel feature.  It is great having my Greek text and NRSV side by side with the ability to instantly get information on a Greek word by simply mousing over it.

Fourth, there are a staggering amount of original language primary documents included with BW 8.  In addition to a slew of bibles both Greek and English, BW 8 is bundled with the LXX, Apostolic Fathers, Josephus, Philo, and the OT Pseudepigrapha. 

Finally, ERMIE looks like it will be very useful.  ERMIE is a list of links that are imbedded in the program and you can create more links.  For instance, there are a great number of older commentaries on the web which are easily accessed through BW 8.  I am very interested in exchanging lists with someone who has done some work in this department and found some more links.  I intend to create a database of articles through ERMIE, though not in the near future.

Well, these are simply my first impressions of BW 8.  It has helped my research a tremendous amount already.  I will continue to post more specific ways in which BW 8 contributes to my research in later posts.