Yesterday the new issue of JBL arrived in my mailbox and this is always a good day for me.  After perusing the cover the following articles are related to Paul or just look interesting.

Douglas A. Campbell – 2 Corinthians 4:13: Evidence in Paul That Christ Believes

Matthew V. Novenson – The Jewish Messiahs, the Pauline Christ, and the Gentile Question

Thomas A. Wayment – A Reexamination of the Test of POxy. 2949

I actually already read the article by Wayment as I am always drawn to articles about the various papyri.  For my taste it wasn’t too interesting.  It examines the reconstruction of POxy. 2949 and attempts to determine wether it is the same version of the Gospel of Peter as another manuscript.  While somewhat boring it does include a fun footnote in which Dieter Luhrman questions whether or not Foster had actually seen the papyrus in question.  By noting that the papyrus is not in the location that Foster claimed, Luhrman seems to be calling out Foster in a pretty serious manner.  Nothing like some accusations to liven up an otherwise dry article!  Yet one more reason you should always read the footnotes, my undergraduate students skip them and miss all the best material.