Well I would like to come out of the stone age and begin interacting seriously with Bible software.  However, I am not sure what direction I should head: Accordance, BibleWorks, Logos, or free software.  I have tried out e-Sword and LaParola and neither have been overwhelming (at least not how I have used them).  If I am going to pay for software I would prefer it have the following capabilities: mouse over morphology of Greek words, highlighting the hapax legomena in the text I am reading, and word searches.  The software also needs a credible Greek text, Greek LXX, and the Apostolic Fathers.  I would love BDAG and LSJ as well but since these addons are expensive I could fore go them.  Price is a major concern, I do not have anywhere close to $1000 dollars for the top version of Logos.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  It really is time for me to embrace this useful technology!