Paul Post of the Week 5/23 – 5/30/09

This week I have chosen Nijay Gupta’s post Bookstore page added as the Paul Post of the Week.  Although the title does not promise greatness, the post is incredibly useful.  Within his bookstore page, Nijay has reviewed a great many commentaries.  Commentary reviews by academics are always useful and unfortunately not abundant. 

D.A. Carson has his thorough book New Testament Commentary Survey but it is certainly colored by his strong opinions.  Another excellent resource for commentary information is Best which assigns each commentary a number and ranks them for each book of the bible.  Unfortunately, there is not a review for each commentary beyond the basic attributes of the commentary.   In fact, Best assigns Anthony Thiselton’s amazing 1 Corinthians commentary a 6.5, which is simply unforgivable.  I too have provided my insight into which commentary I would purchase for a my personal library if I could only have one from each of Paul’s letters.  I will be expanding this entry into a more thorough review and ranking of all the major academic commentaries of Paul’s letters in the near future.