Paul Post of the Week 5/17 – 5/23

This week certainly saw a number of thought provoking posts. 

Daniel Kirk in his post New Perspective and Romans 13 asks if the New Perspective alters our interpretation of Romans 13:1-4.  He asks does the  “does the admonition to be subject to governing authorities fit within this larger framework, where rejection of a nationalized messiah means a reorientation away from expectation that the Messiah’s job is to unseat the geo-political ruler who rules over Israel?”   This is certainly an interesting question.  I have often pondered this passage myself and have been unable to decide which of the proposed interpretations  is most convincing.  Is Paul, by co-opting imperial cult language attempting to undermine the authority of the Roman Empire?  It also seems entirely possible that with the relative safety brought about by the Roman Empire and Pauls’ notion of an imminent eschatology that he would encourage fellow believers not to cause trouble with the authorities. 

While not a specifically Paul post, Michael Bird and Craig Keener have provided an excellent article on the value of the generalist in Biblical Studies.  Pat McCullough and Mark Goodacre both provided their reflections on the notion of the generalist vs. the specialist.  This is a topic I find quite interesting and will be posting on later in the week.

As always, if I have overlooked your post do not take offense simply add it to the comments of  this post.