Paul Post of the Week 5/10 – 5/16

This week I decided to highlight three Paul Posts of the Week.

Scot McKnight continued his many part series on the New Perspective this week at Jesus Creed.  McKnight has already provided 6 posts in this series and has me wondering how many more are remaining.  We can all hope that this series continues for a few more weeks at least.

Michael Bird at Euangelion posted Centrum Paulinium and the Mother of Paul’s Theology in which he discussed the two “mothers” of Paul’s theology.  Bird concludes that both mission and eschatological concerns are the driving forces behind Paul’s theology.

Finally, Rick Brannan at finished his work on 2 Timothy this week and has provided the fruits of his labor in the form of a PDF file.  Thanks for all the hard work Rick.

As always, if I missed any other posts that should have been included, add them to the comments section.