Paul Post of the Week 5/3 – 5/9

Well, not to steal the thunder of the wonderful Biblical Carnival, but I have decided to add a new feature to my blog.  Every Sunday I will highlight the most informative Paul posting that I encountered during the past week.   I am sure to miss many excellent posts so please forgive me if I have overlooked yours.  If you have a post that you would like to highlight for the week that I overlooked, feel free to leave a comment with the link so that others do not make the same mistake!

This week I direct your attention to Scot McKnight, at Jesus Creed, who posted a series on the New Perspective.  The New Perspective is certainly one of the most important and heated issues in Pauline studies.  McKnight’s first post was an excellent introduction to anyone seeking information about the roots of the term and its importance in the field of Pauline studies.  He includes a brief history of the New Perspective including important works, individuals, and even pictures of some of the most influential scholars.  I highly recommend it for anyone needing a brief, yet informative, introduction to the New Perspective. 

While not new this week, The Paul Page is another excellent resource for anyone interested in a deeper analysis of the New Perspective.  It includes articles (most of which can be read in their entirety on-line), book reviews, and links to other resources.