is a great resource for any Pauline scholar or book collector.  Brandon Wason over at Biblioblogs introduced this site to me about a year ago and I’ve been slowly entering my collection.  I thought everyone was aware of this site until I read Scot McKnight’s post about just discovering  Apparently I was wrong, not everyone knows about this site just yet.

Librarything has many functions.  The most useful feature is the ability to catalogue all your books.  Type in a title, author, or ISBN and then click on the book in question.  For quick sorting, tags can be applied to each book.  These tags can describe the book or even help you keep track of any books you have loaned to students or friends.  Also, it is interesting to compare your book collection to others.  On your profile page there is a list of accounts that have the most similar collection to your own.  As a side note, my collection is most similar to two New Testament scholars at Emory University: Brandon Wason and Carl Holladay.  If you are not comfortable with people examining your book collection, simply register an interesting handle.   

Finally and most importantly, it’s free!  Well at least your first 200 books are free.  If you want to add more books it only costs $25 for a lifetime membership. 

If anyone has any other useful tools please let me know.  I have seen the comprehensive list at Deinde, but the list is for MAC users and I am a PC user.