Last week I noted some of the forthcoming commentaries from the Hermeneia that I am most interested in acquiring.  While Hermeneia is my favorite series there are many other upcoming commentaries that have piqued my interest.

John P. Meier – Matthew – Anchor Bible – While I do not like the format of this series (parenthetical citations are in my opinion not adequate in a scholarly commentary), I am certainly interested in reading a commentary by Meier who penned the four volume work, A Marginal Jew.

Stanley Porter – Acts – NIGTC – I am astounded at the number of publications Stanley Porter has edited and in addition to this volume on Acts he is slated to complete other commentaries.  I am unsure how he is so prolific but I do appreciate his dedication.  His work on rhetoric and Paul is especially useful for my work and I am interested to see if he is able to apply this lens to Acts.

David Aune – Ignatius of Antioch and The Shepherd of Hermas – NIGTC – I am especially excited about this two volume work.  Aune’s work needs no introduction especially concerning Revelation (Word Biblical Commentary) and Apocalypticism.  While Schoedel’s Hermeneia volume on Ignatius (1985) is excellent, it is rapidly becoming dated.  Carolyn Osiek’s work on the Shepherd of Hermas (Hermeneia 1999) is also first rate but there is room on any bookshelf for a second commentary on this interesting text.

Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Series– This is a new series of commentaries emphasizing socio-rhetorical criticism and spearheaded by Vernon K. Robbins and Duane F. Watson.  The series includes a number of excellent scholars well known for their expertise in rhetorical criticism.  I am most interested in the Philippians volume assigned to Duane Watson.  However, I must admit to a fascination in The Rhetoric of Q by R. Sisson.  For anyone interested in rhetorical criticism this series is a much needed supplement to Ben Witherington’s socio-rhetorical commentaries. 

Of course there are many other forthcoming commentaries from top rate scholars.  These are just a few that have piqued my interest.  Feel free to comment with any upcoming commentaries in which you are interested.  As stated last week, Parablemania has a posting with an exhaustive list.