A few posts ago I listed some important commentaries for scholars interested in Pauline studies and in this post I will follow up with some other useful resources.

1.) Dictionay of Paul and His Letters – This dictionary, by IVP, is an excellent tool for acquring short summaries of scholarly viewpoints on most Pauline topics.  However, its real value is in the bibliography included with each topic.

2.) Pauline Parallels – Francis and Sampley have combed through Paul’s letters and compiled all the material concerning each topic.  For instance, you can look up Romans 1:1 and included on that page you will find the greetings from each of Paul’s letters. 

3.) D. A. Carson – New Testament Commentary Survey – This little book is an amazing resource for anyone trying to determine which commentaries are most useful for their particular needs.  Personally, I would love to see this volume triple in size but it is extremely useful regardless of its size.

4.) Duane Watson – The Rhetoric of the New Testament: A Bibliographic Survey – If you are interested in rhetoric and the New Testament this work in invaluable.  It is 182 pages of bibliography, that’s a lot of sources!

5.) The Romans Debate – This collection of essays is a great starting point for anyone trying to understand what Paul’s purpose was in writing Romans.  There are a wide range of scholars covering nearly every possibility.

Of course there are many other invaluable resources for anyone examining Paul, but these should get you started.