Even though I am a poor graduate student, I subscribe to the print version of JBL.  Even though UCLA carries the journal I enjoy having a print copy of one journal in my house.  Also, I must admit I get a bit excited when a new one arrives in my mailbox.  I carry it around in my bag for a few weeks and try to make time to read a few of the more interesting looking articles.  Yesterday was no exception and I eagerly inspected the cover for a list of the articles included.  However, to my surprise there is not a single article on Paul in the spring 2009 issue of JBL.  In fact, the only articles dealing with the NT are one on Hebrews and another concerning the Sea of Galilee.  Admittedly I know nothing about the selection process of the JBL and perhaps there were no worthy articles on Paul or the Gospels, but I am still a bit disappointed.  This issue may not make it into my bag after all. 

P.S. This is not in any way a denigration of the articles that are included this month as I am sure they are all excellent. It is simply harder to find time to read material the farther it is away from my primary field of interest.