There are always a number of new books that come out every month which look interesting.  However, as one on a limited budget I rarely rush out and purchase them.  But two books have especially caught my attention and I will be purchasing them in the very near future (and hopefully finding the time to read and review them as well).  Fitzmyers’ 1 Corinthians commentary looks excellent and should be a nice compliment to Thiselton’s commentary.  The other book that has piqued my interest is Ramsay McMullen’s The Second Church: Popular Christianity A.D. 200-400.  I am eager to examine the non-literary evidence he has compiled and how it compares to the literary evidence that describes the period.  I also find the title interesting.  Are we still using A.D. in published works?  I thought we had officially changed to the B.C.E – C.E. system.