Jewett_RomansI imagine there are plenty of posts on this topic already, but I really struggled to find this information when putting together my own wish list a few years ago.   This is a short list of the one commentary I consider the must own for each of the 7 undisputed letters of Paul.  Of course if you have the money this list should be widened substantially.  My main criteria are: excellent bibliographies/footnotes, new (as they have more up to date bibliographies), a good introduction, in depth exegesis, interaction with Greek, English, and in general the more pages the better.  My favorites come from Hermeneia, NIGTC, Anchor Bible, and Word Biblical (WBC).  Additionally, I have a strong preference for the format of Hermeneia and NIGTC.  This list was made with the help of D.A. Carson’s excellent though succinct work, New Testament Commentary Surveythiselton_1Cor2.

Romans: Jewett – Hereneia:  Brand new and massive.  This is an excellent resource for Romans.

1 Corinthians: Thiselton – NIGTC: The bibliographies and footnotes are excellent.

galatians2 Corinthians: Martin – WBC: I don’t love this commentary but I haven’t found anything better.  Heremeneia you need a 2 Corinthians volume!

Galatians: Longenecker – WBC; Betz – Hermeneia: Okay, Betz’s work  may be a bit dated and in some ways flawed but I still enjoy his commentary a great deal.

Philippians: O’Brien – NIGTC; Martin – WBCthessalonians_malherbe

1 Thessalonians: Malherbe – Anchor Bible; Wanamaker – NIGTC

Philemon: Barth and Blanke – Eerdmans: A Philemon commentary over 500 pages … you had me at 350.

Feel free to mention any commentaries that fulfill my criteria that you think should supplant the ones I have listed.