This is a post intended to both provide advice to and to elicit advice from the commuting scholar.  I imagine there must be other people besides me who are interested in the NT, have insane commutes, and would like to use their time in their vehicle more productively.  I for one have an hour commute each way on a perfect day.  Residing in the Los Angeles area I am one of the many people insane enough to live far from school or work who cram their car next to the thousands of other cars on the jammed LA freeways. 

Since I spend so much time in the car I have adopted a number of methods to use my time more productively.  First, I have obtained the NT on CD.  There is nothing better than listening to Paul’s letters on a long drive.  Since it is most likely that Paul’s audience originally heard and did not read Paul’s letters it is an excellent method of attempting to put Paul in his historical context.  You will certainly understand some passages in a new way upon hearing rather than reading them.  Second, I use Zondervan’s New Testament Greek Vocabulary.  It never hurts to brush up on your Greek vocabulary especially during an especially bad traffic jam.   Now the third device I use is a little more dangerous and not recommended unless traffic is not moving.  I use German vocabulary notecards, but don’t worry I am not a danger to other drivers.  I only use them when my vehicle is stationary and in LA high traffic hours that is all too often.

Well those are my tips, now it’s your turn.  Hopefully somebody has some advice for me as after three years I need some variety to my routine.  Is anyone aware of any scholarly podcasts on the New Testament, especially on Paul?  Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.