Well many of my friends have been posting about how excited they are that their papers were accepted for this year’s SBL in New Orleans.  I too submitted a paper to 2 groups, “Paul’s Self-Representation in Galatians.”  The New Testament and Rhetoric group promptly informed me that my paper did not make the cut.  However, the Pauline Epistles group waited until the last possible day to inform me of their decision, April 1st.  In true April’s Fool fashion they to informed me that my paper had not made the cut.  I am still waiting for them to complete the joke and let me know my paper has actually been accepted.  However, I am getting a bit worried.  Perhaps SBL has not pulled a prank on me after all.  It sure would have been funny though if they had!

Welcome to the blog of Kevin Scull. Yes this blog is brand spanking new and thus, there isn’t much here yet. I am intending this blog to be about Paul of Tarsus, Christian Origins, and my experiences as a Ph.D. student finishing up his program and attempting to become a scholar. I will include my thoughts on Paul of Tarsus, book reviews, and book blurbs (like a book review only 1 or 2 lines). Many of my NT friends have inspired me to write a blog. I was a co-author near the end of the run of Brandon Wason’s wonderful Novum Testamentum blog. Also, my fellow UCLA grad student Pat McCullough has an interesting blog which has inspired me to create my own. Stay tuned for my next post in which I will introduce myself and regail you with a prank that SBL recently played on me.

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